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The zeitnot Private Chat is a program that allow you to send text messages privately to another party.
The zeitnot Private Chat is free software distributed under the GNU GPL.
This program was created and designed under Windows 98 but also works under most Windows OS.
If you find any bugs or you would like some more features, please drop me a mail.

User's Guide


  1. Select Connection from the menu. The Option window shows up.
  2. Select the I Want to Connect or I Want to Listen option. The other party will have to select the other one.
    • I Want to Connect: Type in the other party's IP address and a Remote Port.
    • I Want to Listen: Type in the other party's Remote Port.
  3. Click OK, the Option window will go and back to the main window.
  4. Both parties can click the Connect button now.
  5. When the status bar says Connection Connected (he!) or Connection Listening, you can start sending message.
  • Type your messages in the bottom textbox. The ENTER key sends the message. To send a multiline message, press the CTRL+ENTER keys.
  • The top textbox show your messages in black and the other party's messages in blue.


Binary packages:
zeitChat version installer: zeitPrivateChat_install_1.0.0.14.exe
.exe size: 0.7MB)
zeitChat version zip: zeitPrivateChat_1.0.0.14.zip
.zip size: 0.7MB)
Source code package:
zeitChat version source code zip:zeitPrivateChat_source_1.0.0.14.zip
.zip size: 1.6MB


Install with the binary package installer:
  1. Run the file zeitPrivateChat_install_1.0.0.14.exe
  2. An optional icon will be created on your DeskTop.
Install with the binary package zip:
  1. Open the zeitPrivateChat_install_1.0.0.14.zip file.
  2. Unzip the following files in the directory of your choice (default is C:\Program Files\Zeitco\zeit_PrivateChat\):
  3. Unzip the following files in your SYSTEM directory (usually C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\):
That's it! Run the ZeitChat.exe file to launch the program.

Comments and suggestions? You can reach me at this address:zeitnot@gmail.com

(c) Copyright 2004-2005 Stephane Guerin